October 05, 2009


Many times our KIWAKKUKI blogs contain sad stories. Children who die too young, parents who die and leave their children orphans, overloaded poor persons standing in line for 10 KG of what we call "corn pellets", in order to make a month of food, trying desperately to get your work done with no power, with the deadlines due and no internet, with no transport to get to the training site....etc, etc, But today my story is a happy one. If only short term. Our Judith... featured in one of the previous blogs, saw a wonderful pediatrician this week. She and Dr. Annie connected. They were able to talk, to be honest about adherence and the problem of stigma at school. Of course, no problems are solved, but at least Judith found a young doctor who understands and with whom she can talk. She is happy to see her again, and I feel confident that her own confidence has been boosted by Dr. Annie. It won't be any easier to face her cruel fellow students, but at the least, she will be determined to work and to prove that she can make it in this very difficult world of being HIV-infected and a girl in Africa. We're cheering for you Judith!

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