September 13, 2011

Our New Executive Coordinator and AGM

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
17 September, 2011
CCM Building, Arusha Road
Moshi, TZ
All members and guests welcome

Dr. Materu with Very Nice Monyo
There is excitement in the air as our new Executive Coordinator Dr. Adela Materu takes over the reigns of KIWAKKUKI. Dr. Materu is quite accomplished in her own right! She is the first woman surgeon in Tanzania and in fact was a plastic surgeon. Even today in Tanzania, there are very few women surgeons when there is such a huge need. Imagine the barriers that must have been in place for her to have to overcome in order to complete her studies and actually practice medicine and surgery. This type of perseverance along with her obvious gentleness and spirituality is just what is needed to give new life to KIWAKKUKI.
Much has been happening for the last few weeks. Staff are seeking new grant opportunities, completing annual reports for many projects, and looking for new collaborations in Moshi. There is much conversation with acquaintances and friends of KIWAKKUKI about funding opportunities and at the same time preparing for the Annual General Meeting.

Dr. Mtalo preparing his report

Steven and Peter looking at programs Steven is the documentarist, and Peter is a young man supported by KIWAKKUKI and other donors

Verynice Monyo and Steven preparing the BvLF report.

Theresia Sabuni leaving for another work day
The AGM always poses challenges, providing bites, security, decorations, and having accomplishments prepared for the members who arrive from all over the Kilimanjaro region. Some members travel all the way from the Same District to the East, and from Sanya Juu to the West, for the meeting. These members are tough critics, and staff and volunteers must be prepared to face questions about the organization & to have displays and project reports prepared. The AGM is the highlight of the year, and thousands of people have been waiting for this time. So, all who are thinking of joining come to the CCM Hall on Saturday. (next post will incorporate pictures)
Stay Tuned!