November 07, 2011

Remember the Children at the End of the Road?

I hope that any KIWAKKUKI Blog reader has not forgotten the state of Peter Amani, the delightful young man who told his story on this blog about a year ago. Peter is an orphan who has been supporting his family, and as well, trying hard to attend college so that he can give his family (brother and sister) a better life. Thanks to a dear friend and willing donor, Peter has been able to enroll in his second year of school.
I met with Peter to give him the gift from Bill. You see above the picture of his happiness at receiving this gift.
Here is Peter in the Library at his college.
Here is Peter in the outdoor study area at the college
Here is Peter sitting on the grass outside his classroom building
Here is Peter in the entry to the classrooms.

For all who think that helping Peter involved just sending money, I want to let you know that his is not so. Yes, the money is crucial for Peter, for without it, he cannot attend classes and make his family life better. But, attending classes, not working for pay at a menial job is equally difficult. Peter is living on nothing. He has no income for extra food, transportation or clothing. For most of us, these basics are just "givens" and what we expect. We look for new things, ipods, phones or the latest mp3 player. We find value in entertainment. For Peter, these things are far in the future. His focus as a young man is to make it through school. As he struggles with keeping his spirits up when his stomach is empty, Bill writes to him on e-mail every day. Every day! Can you imagine, Bill writes to him to keep his courage up, to remember that God loves him and will be beside him always, to remember that there are people like Bill who can help and that Bill will do what he can to make sure that Peter gets through school. Peter tells me that these words of encouragement are what keep him going, allow him to forget how hungry he is and how he doesn't know where a medicine for his sister might be, or how to focus through these difficulties on the quiz coming up. The daily words of encouragement.

So, I ask anyone who reads this post....If you want to help Bill keep Peter in school or others like Peter. Send me a comment or message on facebook and I will give you contact information for helping these young people at the end of the road.